Update on the Woodland, CA rescue and how you can help

We are part of a rescue effort in Woodland, CA. The owner of the home has contacted us to help. Her neighbors have started shooting and killing the cats. We are working with other groups plus asking for private donations as well. This is a hoarder situation where more than 70 cats and a handful of dogs are living in filth. The stench so strong you can’t breathe. Most of the cats have severe uri (upper respiratory infections) and many are missing eyes or have grossly infected ones. The walls and floors are covered in feces. These cats, kittens, and dogs need out bad! We are desperately calling out to all vets, foster organizations, shelters, and private citizens to donate or help with this rescue.

This is a list of the things we need ASAP:

Medications: (Most important right now)
Clavamox Oral Drops - (Antibiotics for upper respiratory infection) 
Terramycin or Neomycin - (Eye antibiotics)
Beds for both dogs and cats
Blankets and Towels
Non-toxic Flushable Kitty Liter
Paper Towels
Cleaning wipes
Laundry Detergent and Wipes
Scratching Posts
Cat Tree
Grain free quality kibble and wet food for cats and dogs
Kittie/Birthing boxes for moms and their kittens
Dog and Cat Shampoo
Flea Meds
Bottles for bottle feeding
Kitten Formula One
Gerber chicken baby food
Foster Homes
Forever Homes

Please Text Novalee Truesdell at 707-787-8045 if you want to donate supplies, foster, or help with the rescue effort. If you would simply like to make a monetary donation you can donate on our website. Please share this with as many people as you can. THANK YOU!

How to Help 

You can donate on our website here
You can text Novalee at 707 787 8045 Text Only

You can drop off or mail supplies here:
Blossom Animal Rescue
21600 Reggae Ct
Smartsville, CA

We will try to keep this webpage updated with the latest info:

Update 12/2/2017 - With your donations we have been able to rescue about 30 non-feral cats/kittens and 7 dogs and are currently looking for foster and permanent homes for them. There are still a lot of cats outside and their kittens are starting to suffer in the cold and are passing away. 

There are still 6-7 cats locked in a trailer outside that we see as the most urgent to get out of there next. And then there are 10-12 locked in a room upstairs. Donations for gas and transportation costs are needed. Thank you! You can donate here.

Update 11/26/2017 - We now have some of the cats available for adoption on our website. We are still looking for forever and foster homes for these animals. 

Update 11/22/2017

There are at least 20 more indoor cats need rescue and 50 outside, lots of tiny kittens outside that will get too cold if no one helps. 6 or 7 cats trapped in a putrid trailer. And 12 still in locked upstairs in a room and they can barely breathe. Plus we have 25 Cats and kittens and 5 dogs that need permanent homes or foster homes. We still need beds and blankets, towels, and MEDS !!! None of these cats can be treated til we get meds. 

Update 11/21/2017  

We now have all the dogs and all the inside kittens at our facility as well as 20 adults. There are about 20 adult cats left in the house. Some are healthy, some have trouble breathing. There are about 40 cats outside in various barns and they have kittens everywhere. Outside was a litter in a circle that couldn’t have been more than a week old, but they run when you try and get them. They are too cold and we fear for their survival. There are also still 6 male cats that seem fairly healthy in a trailer covered in feces behind the dog pen that need out. And a room upstairs, that it's the most urine soaked, still has 13 poor cats that can’t breathe and our stuck inside.

Blossom Success Story Baby Irie

We always love getting pictures and updates from our awesome adopters. Here's one we received recently. - Cecilia Kinzie

Hi There,

My boyfriend (Lucas) and I adopted Baby Irie from Nova/Blossom Rescue in December 2016. When we adopted him he soon developed ringworm, so we wanted to wait until that was cleared up to send pictures. We renamed him Odin because we wanted to give him a strong Viking name although we usually call him Odie. He is considered a special needs cat due to his back legs being underdeveloped, but being with Odin you would ever know he's different. Despite not being able to jump, Odie still finds a way to climb onto the bed for snuggles and to wake us up because it's breakfast time.

Odin gets along very well with our 12 year old dog- Dexter and has become quite fearless when it comes to attacking Dexters tail. Odie loves to go outside (even when it snows!) for supervised sun bathing and exploration. Odin has been a blessing for us and is definitely a part of our family. He is very loved ❤. Thank you Blossom Animal Rescue for giving us a chance to love such a sweet kitten.  

Arame Laine

P.S. I attached a lot of photos because I couldn't decide which was the cutest!

Thank you Arame for such a sweet happily ever after story. Adopters like you make our jobs worth it :) If you think you are ready to adopt a bundle of love, you can see which animals are available for adoption here.

The Blossom Barn: We are Building our Dream Facility

Blossom is so happy to announce that we are building our dream facility on our land in Smartsville, California. This facility is going to be able to help us house more animals and save more lives! Novalee, the founder and owner, will be living in her place on the same patch of land to be there for the animals 24/7.

We want it to be really comfortable for the animals with electricity to keep them warm, running water, and a dog ( and cat ) deep sink washing station to keep all the animals clean and well groomed. Eventually we will also need a sod installation for a neat play area outdoors, and we also need some fencing for a safe larger outdoor run. However, our first priority is to finish the Blossom Barn. You can go to our Gofundme page to learn all the details.

We are halfway done with this huge undertaking, but we need your help to complete it! We set up a Gofundme page and are asking all our followers to donate there until this project is complete. If all goes well we want it completed before summer arrives. Here is the link to our Gofundme page: https://www.gofundme.com/blossom-barn You can go there to comment, like, share, and donate. Help us spread the word! 

Thank you for helping us achieve our dreams of saving the lives of these precious and perfectly adoptable animals:) 

The Blossom Team

This is the Blossom Barn in progress! 

What is Cerebellar Hypoplasia in Cats?

CH (Cerebellar Hypoplasia) also known as wobbly kitty syndrome is a non-progressive and mostly painless condition (it doesn't get worse with age). The majority of CH cats can live normal happy lives and can make great pets. 

CH is caused when the cerebellum, the part of the brain which controls fine motor skills and coordination, gets damaged or is not fully developed. CH can happen when the mother is infected with the Panleukopenia virus while pregnant with her litter. The kittens don't contract the virus nor are they carriers. CH can also be caused by poisoning, injury, or malnutrition.

CH can be found in both cats and dogs. It can cause jerky movements, tremors, and coordination problems. A cat with CH might fall down and have trouble walking or in severe cases they cannot walk at all.  CH animals also might be more prone to accident related injuries, like chipped teeth or broken nails, and they cannot live outdoors. Depending on the severity of the condition, they may need no extra care at all. Unfortunately, many shelters will euthanize CH cats because they are deemed un-adoptable. This simply is not true.

According to chcat.org cats with CH:

  • Are not in any pain
  • Are not contagious
  • Have a normal life expectancy
  • Live happy, healthy lives
  • Learn to adapt their abilities and compensate over time
  • Can be spayed/neutered safely
  • Need to be indoor-only & should never be declawed

Blossom Animal Rescue believes that CH cats make great pets and tries to save as many CH kitties as they can. We also give our CH cats physical therapy, revamp their diets, and give them exercises for healthy brain stimulation. 

Adopting a CH cat is nothing to be afraid of. Blossom will give you the knowledge and support you need to have a very happy life with a very special CH cat. Click here for a list of our adoptable CH and non CH cats. If you can't adopt please consider donating to support our mission to save as many CH cats as we can.

Thank you to chcat.org for their informative website. Please visit them at: http://chcat.org/ for more information on Cerebellar Hypoplasia.


How to Deduct Charitable Contributions On Your Taxes

As the end of the tax year is soon upon us, we at Blossom Animal Rescue have gotten quite a few questions about how to deduct a charitable contribution to Blossom when doing your taxes. 

If you donated in person you will get a handwritten receipt that you should save for your records. When you donate online, you will get an e-mail receipt from us. Please save and print out the e-mail as a receipt and proof of your donation for the IRS. We are an exempt organization as described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code; Blossom Animal Rescue is a 501(c)(3) organization; Tax ID 81-2178133.

You will be able to deduct charitable contributions of money or property made to Blossom Animal Rescue if you itemize your deductions when filing your taxes. For more information on how to deduct charitable contributions you can click here to go to the IRS website

If you never received a receipt from us please contact us right away and we will get you one as soon as we can.

We need your help to continue to provide our high level of care and compassion. Thank you for your support.

Click here to make a donation

Adopted Bliss: Piocho's Story

We received this Blossom adoption update recently from the Mathison Family:

"Piocho now known as Gus, is very happy in his new home. His adjustment was amazing, within hours of moving into our home he was exploring, playing with his toys and getting to know his new cat housemates. He now spends his days playing with toys and his kitty housemates, sleeping, and of course getting snuggles from everyone in the house. Thank you Blossom for bringing Gus into our family!"

Thank you Mathison family, Gus is a very lucky guy indeed. Stories like this one are the reason we do what we do. If you are inspired to adopt one of our "diamonds in the rough," you can check out our adoptables here.

Or if you are not ready to adopt, but still want to support the cause, take a look at Blossom's Amazon Wishlist. Even a small toy or bag of treats goes a long way. Thank you for your generous support! 

When It's Time To Say Goodbye: Dealing With Pet Loss

I recently have had the pleasure of working with a wonderful organization that focuses on bereavement. This led me to wonder how mourning the loss of a pet is different from mourning a human loved one.  It turns out both have many similarities, however the responsibility or trauma involved can add some complexities. Although many pet owners have to deal with bereavement, grief is unique for everyone. 
Here are some questions to ask yourself if you are dealing with the death of a furry, or feathery companion:

It is important for healing, to come up with your own special rituals and memorial for your pet. That can mean spreading their ashes in a beautiful place, getting their paw print engraved on a stone, or simply going back to their favorite park to walk and remember the good times.

Was your pet euthanized? Did you have to deal with watching your friend go through an illness?  The guilt that the heavy responsibility of caring for a sick, or hurt animal can be overwhelming and sometimes traumatizing. Rumination and obsessive thoughts can make us plunge into a depression, and it’s very important to talk to someone you trust and give yourself extra love through this time.  

Let’s be real here for a second. You and only you know the special connection that you and your pet had. Pets can truly change our lives, rather it be by being a daily friend, by making us laugh, by showing up at a time when you had no one else, or representing a good time or relationship when you got the pet; No one else can tell you how you should feel. The only way to heal, is to allow yourself to be sad, cry or even be depressed. If you don't have a strong support system, or don't feel like those around you can relate, consider joining one of the many pet loss support groups online or in your area. 

Although grief can take many forms, if you are unable to function in your daily life, it may be time to reach out for help. The death of a pet can often trigger deep wounds that have been hidden or built up over time. Some people may even experience PTSD after witnessing the death. These are very serious issues that should be addressed by a professional. You deserve to be happy!

It is crucial to give yourself the proper time, space and self-care to move through the grieving process, and work through it. Be kind to yourself, and remember that even though life brings us sadness, the joy and love that those unique connections with pets bring, are beautiful and irreplaceable. 

Sundae: Another Blossom Adoption Success Story

One of the most fulfilling things is to see a pet "blossom" when they get adopted to their new home. Blossom goes to great lengths to make sure our animals get the best home possible for them. We are always happy to receive updates from their owners. Here is the latest one we received from Sundae's forever Mama, Victoria: 

"When I went in to meet the adoptable kittens, Sundae caught my eyes because of her beauty. So fluffy with soft blue eyes. She seemed very timid and shy when I first met her but I knew she would open up. She is such a joy and has completely blossomed. Very independent but yet so playful and loving. I cannot wait to watch her grow. This bundle of love brings me so much happiness and the biggest smiles. Thanks for choosing me to be Sundaes Mom, Blossom Animal Rescue!!"  - Victoria Allen

It was our pleasure Victoria. Thanks for the update and we look forward to the next one. If you want to be our next success story please check out our animals currently up for adoption.

Living the good life. More Sundae Pictures. . .

How Much Exercise Does Your Pet Need?

We all know the many physical and psychological benefits of exercise for humans, but those same benefits extend to your pet.  Animals in their natural habitat regulate their own exercise needs, and need encouragement when living inside. When they are not encouraged to exercise, they may adapt to a lazy lifestyle which leads to obesity, diabetes, joint issues, compulsive habits and destructive behavior. 

But how much exercise does your pet actually need? The needs of your pet will vary depending on their breed and size. 

Cats tend to entertain themselves, and have a high metabolism.  House cats should have plenty of stimulating toys, a scratching post, and if possible a jungle gym to climb. 
10 minutes a day of engaged play will ensure your cat has healthy muscles and proper mental stimulation. 

Hunting/Herding Breeds & Short Nosed Dogs
Need the most exercise. Vigorous exercise 30 minutes to an hour a day and 1-2 hours a day of activity. These dogs are wonderful hiking and running buddies!

Mixed Breeds
60 Minutes to 100 minutes of moderate exercise a day. 
A morning and evening walk, or catch in the park is great for these dogs! 

Yorkshire Terriers and English Bull Dogs
20- 40 minutes a day of moderate exercise. These are great companions for a brisk daily walk. 

Older Dogs & Handicap Dogs
Need the least exercise. An easy going walk a day should suffice.
Water exercise is a great alternative for dogs with joint pain easy on the joints and provides an excellent work out!

One of our favorite low maintenance pets, allowing rabbits to explore freely is optimal, but 4 hours a day of free time is enough to ensure a happy, healthy bunny!

We all can’t afford animal day care, so leaving your pet with plenty of toys, and space to play when you are at work is the perfect supplement to their exercise needs. Keeping a daily exercise routine will get you both moving, and give you and your furry loved one optimal bonding time. 


5 Reasons You Should Add Pumpkin to Your Pets Diet this Fall

Pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin bread, pumpkin pie; you’re not the only one who should benefit from pumpkin this fall!  Canned, unseasoned pumpkin puree is a wonderful supplement to your cat or dogs diet. Check out these 5 reasons you should add a little extra pumpkin to the menu: 

   1. Resolves Upset Stomach
Due to the high fiber and water content, pumpkin helps prevent constipation and diarrhea. Adding a tablespoon or two to your pet’s food, is an easy way to alleviate upset stomach. 
    2. Nutrition Rich
Pumpkin is full of vital nutrients such as iron, magnesium, potassium, vitamin A & C, as well as niacin, copper and protein. Pumpkin is an excellent vitamin supplement.
    3. Encourages Healthy Fur
Much like humans, animals need antioxidants to have healthy hair and skin. Using pumpkin is a great way to give your pet a healthy, shiny coat.
    4. Combats Hairballs
Hairballs form when cats groom themselves and swallow dead hair. Yuck! Adding fiber rich pumpkin to your cat’s diet encourages the hair to pass…the proper direction. 
    5.  Can Be Used as a Quick Fix or Everyday
Keeping a can of pumpkin handy for unexpected tummy issues is smart, but you can use a couple teaspoons every day to promote gastrointestinal health, and to reap all the benefits mentioned above. 

Serving Size: One tablespoon for a small dog, and up to two tablespoons for larger breeds. For cats, one teaspoon for small cats, and up to a tablespoon for larger cats. 

Note: Never feed raw pumpkin or pumpkin seeds to your pet, it may make them sick! Also, make sure that the pumpkin has no added sugars or spices.  Discuss potential diet changes with your veterinarian before feeding pumpkin to a pet with health issues, or strict diets. 

Whether you just want to include your pet in a much loved fall tradition, or add a new supplement to their diet, pick up some pumpkin today